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MOST Programs Training Announcement

MOST Project Management - Class will be held in Kansas City, MO starting Sunday, February 2, 2025. The Project Management Application must be submitted by November 8, 2024. The Project Management Program trains qualified Boilermakers on how to manage projects for our signatory contractors in a business-like manner, make decisions that positively impact project goals and provide an overall benefit to the union, Contractors and Owners. This weeklong class is designed to teach upper management skills. As such, applicants with extensive supervisory experience are encouraged to apply.

NOTICE OF UNCLAIMED BENEFIT CHECKS FROM THE BOILERMAKER VACATION TRUST: If you believe you are entitled to a Vacation Trust benefit but did not receive your check, please contact the administrative office at 1-800-833-2682.


We need you!

Have you ever wondered if unions were for you? The benefits of being affiliated with one are outstanding. Unionized workers earn about 27 percent more in wages than non-union workers, are nearly twice as likely to have an employer-paid pension as non-union workers and are more likely to be covered by an employer-sponsored health care insurance plan.

If unions are great, the Boilermakers are literally the best of the best. Our bond is stronger than the welds we produce, we make safety on every job site a priority and our environment of training and excellence makes us the most specialized of all trades.

 Boilermaker recruits have the opportunity to:

  • Make good wages with excellent benefits

  • Retain insurance when changing contractors following outages

  • Build retirements that follow them from job-to-job

If you think you have what it takes to be affiliated with the top trade in North America, please take a minute to register below.

 By registering, you have the opportunity to work as a Boilermaker without becoming a member of the union.

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